“My first Linux laptop” is the foundation tutorial of the “Digital Break Free” series directed to home or business users.

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The "Digital Break Free" tutorial series

Each tutorial in the “Digital Break Free” series has three main characteristics:

  • No technical knowledge is required from the reader;
  • The objective is not technical but practical;
  • Necessary technical steps are carefully demonstrated.

Moving to Linux is a decision to break free from the commercial software environment and its ever connected world.

Using a Linux Laptop (or desktop) as your everyday computer will allow you regain control on your personal data.

In addition to protecting your privacy, you will also be rewarded for the effort of making this step into this yet unknown region by deciding, through donations, how much you want to pay for the software you use; many of the software applications you will use will even be free of charge.

We have no problem with the software you have been using till now: no ostracism nor criticism towards long time designed and improved systems. We will always use them whenever required or desired.

We simply believe that using Linux as your preferred operating system will change your point of view and opinion about digital freedom.

In this tutorial, you will be guided through the installation of your first Linux Laptop till you obtain the minimal setup of a graphical environment ready to receive the application software of your choice.

In order to achieve this, you will face strange concepts or words and you will have to type esoteric commands to make the installation happen.

This is not difficult at all: as long as you can read and type, we are confident that you will succeed.

Welcome to digital DIY; you'll love it!